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Today I’m answering a question that I get a lot, and it’s about your landlord pet policy. Helping me on this blog is Guy, who is my heart and my furbaby. I cannot imagine living anywhere that Guy couldn’t go with me. In fact, I wouldn’t live anywhere he couldn’t go with me. Most people feel that way about their pets.

Should You Allow Pets in Your Property?

Even homeowners who have pets themselves can be leery about allowing tenants with pets into their rental property. However, if you’re comfortable with it, my recommendation is that you say yes to pets. That’s because if you say no, you’ll miss a lot of opportunities as a homeowner to rent your property to really great tenants.

Qualifying Pets and Pet Addendum to Lease

Saying yes to pets does not mean any and all pets are allowed. There should be requirements, and the pet should qualify just the tenant has to qualify. I don’t allow certain breeds, and the first thing you should do is contact your insurance company because every insurance company will have a restricted breed list. You want to know which breeds are on that list before you say yes to a pet. There might be some documentation that’s required as well. I require records and documentation on any pet and even though I’ve never had to use it, those records are in my files throughout the tenancy.

Property Management in Richmond Hill, GA: Cats

I have always had cats myself, and they have never been a problem. But your house is not my house, and I do go to a lot of property management classes where I hear horror stories about cats. So I don’t recommend those. The families I would approve as tenants love and treat their pets just like any other member of their family, and that’s the way it should be.

If you have any questions about pets or you need help with a landlord pet addendum agreement, please contact me at Cecilia Bird and Re/Max Accent. I look forward to helping you with your Richmond Hill, GA property management needs.

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