Where and How to List Your House for Rent | Richmond Hill Property Management Advice

I want to talk today about an interview I went on earlier. I typically don’t go on interviews – it’s rare, because I’ve been in the property management business for a long time, and people know me and my reputation and my style. Usually, when owners call or visit, they already know that it’s me they want to manage their property. But today, I was honored to do an interview along with a few other property managers. I got the job! These particular owners have never rented a house out before, but they have been renters. So, they shared with me that they had experienced the good, bad, and ugly with property management. As they prepare to rent out their home, they wanted to pick a property manager that they could have a good relationship with as well as their tenants. They had watched some of the videos I’ve done previously about how I manage and how I find tenants, and they asked a lot about advertising and how I would list their house for rent.

List My House for Rent: Internet Advertising

I do a lot of internet advertising when I list a house for rent. I use the popular sites that everyone is familiar with, like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. In other parts of the country, prospective tenants are also using sites like Vast.com, ODDEE, and Front Door. When I advertise a property on these sites, the listings are syndicated to additional sites. In addition to those regional and national sites, I have a property management site myself that I use to advertise your properties, which link to my real estate site, so there’s a lot of information about the area between the two. Prospective tenants can see information about your home; I’ll write a fluffy ad to engage the tenant, and I post the maximum number of professional pictures. I include pictures of neighborhood amenities, which helps tenants to gather information about the area.

Richmond Hill Property Management: The RE/MAX Brand

In addition to my property management site, I also have the powerful RE/MAX brand behind me. Your listing will appear on RE/MAX.com, and the office has been in business for a long time, and it has a phenomenal website. There is also a site the city of Richmond Hill has that is popular and has been around for a long time. There are also military websites that I use to advertise properties, and there’s one in particular that can only be accessed by property managers and members of the military. On top of all the internet advertising we use, my company has the premier property management presence in Richmond Hill. You cannot come here without seeing our office. We are on a prime piece of real estate directly across from city hall, and you cannot miss us. Our office is in Richmond Hill, but my services range all over the local area. This area has been my home for 28 years, so I have a great understanding of the local market and how to advertise in it. If you have any other questions about property management or where to advertise your rental, please contact us at RE/MAX ACCENT Property Management Services by Cecilia Bird.

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